Chief Of The Ghosts - Digital Download


1) Borankana Metal

2) Ram Of Fire

3) Iqungo

4) Anyoto Aniota

5) Ndondoncha

6) Rainbow Snakes

7) Milk Fever

8) Anger of The Spirits

9) Chief Of The Ghosts


Chief of the Ghosts is Skinflint's 5th album. Incorporating elements from Borankana, and traditional African Rythms while still remaining true to the roots of Heavy Metal.


"The album sweeps from tense scene-setting and slow-burning melody to galloping, shout-along choruses and flaring solos, and along with an economic runtime it makes for a taut, exciting listen front-to-back...

Chief Of The Ghosts shows a narrative flair and command of the [African Metal} genre which more than justifies their success."

- Rob Parry of Ellipsis -

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Chief Of The Ghosts - Album


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